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        Rapid Charge and Evacuation System

        JB Industries and FasTest have partnered to offer the CoreMax family of manufacturing and service tools. This integrated, flexible system shortens processing times and provides up to five times greater processing flow, dramatically improved sealing with faster access connections. Unlike other systems, CoreMax is an integrated system design, not just a component design. 

        The revolutionary CoreMax System allows processing through the seat or the valve, and is centered around the high flow CoreMax access valve. Common access valves have a sleeve seal between the valve core and the fitting and an elastomer seal on the valve, creating two leak paths - CoreMax uses only one elastomer to seal the valve internally and externally through the valve core and seat; a metal-to-metal seal is also provided between the valve core and seat for redundancy.

        CoreMax High Flow Valve

        CM-VC003 – High Flow Valves with Caps (3 pack)
        CM-VC010 – High Flow Valves with Caps (10 pack)
        CM-VC100 – High Flow Valves with Caps (100 pack)
        • High flow processing valve for use with Stub Tube, Panel, Saddle and NPT mount CoreMax seats
        • Provides more flow than 1/4” process tube
        • Completely compatible with commonly used connections and the caps use the same thread, taper and sealing surface as on commonly used access valves

        CoreMax Seats

        CM-S370 – 3/8” Seats (3 pack)

        CM-SS370 – 3/8” Saddle Seats (3 pack)
        CM-S250 – 1/4” Seats (3 pack)
        CM-SS250 – 1/4” Saddle Seats (3 pack)
        • The CoreMax seat is critical to the integrated system design
        • The seat is designed with gripping and sealing surfaces that work with the variety of CoreMax tools
        • The seat comes in a variety of styles such as Stub Tube, Saddle Mount, Panel Mount and NPT
        • Standard stub tube size fits OD of 1/4” tube through 3/8” tube
        • Side mounts, panel mounts and custom mounts are also available
        • Tube stop for ease of assembly 

        High Flow Valve Removal Tool

        CM-CRTOOL – Core Removal Tool
        • The valve core removal tool is sleeve actuated which allows removal and replacement of the CoreMax valve core without loss of refrigerant.
        • Used by service technicians to remove and replace CoreMax valve cores in charged units or in the factory when refrigerant recovery is not necessary for rework
        • Pressure up to 600 psi

        SnapMate® Service High Flow Connector

        CM-SNAP – SnapMate® Service 

        • The SnapMate connectors are designed to provide quick and easy connections to CoreMax Valve Cores as well as standard 1/4” refrigeration access valves. The collects grip on the threads and are made of Brass. The sleeve is hardened steel. The Service SnapMate Connector is specifically designed for the Service Industry. It provides quick and easy connections to all 7/16-20, 45? flare standard refrigeration access valves. Approximate size is 1” dia. x 2” length.
        • Used by HVAC service technicians on refrigeration hoses to provide better system access for quicker, deeper evacuations and faster refrigerant charging during field servicing.
        • Pressures up to 625 psi

        Manual Torque Wrench

        CM-TRQ – Manual Torque Wrench
        • Installs the CoreMax valve core into the seat with the proper torque; preset to 8 ft/lbs, 3/8" drive


        CoreMax Flyer

        CoreMax Installation Instructions

        CoreMax Removal Video


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