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    About us


    Zhejiang Haichuan Safety Protection Products Co.,Ltd.
    Add: Road industrial base Zizania,Wuyi,Jinhua, Zhejiang
    Tel: +86-579-87606070
    service hotline:400-166-5989
    Zip Code:321200

    Company Profile


             Zhejiang Haichuan Safety Protection Products Co.,Ltd. reflective career began in 2003, is a professional engaged in the production and sales of various types of reflective materials high-tech enterprises , is a research, development, production, sales, service integration company. Products include reflective fabric, reflective heat foil, flame retardant reflective fabric, reflective stretch fabric, reflective film strips, reflective transfer of personal security class field of printing film, reflective products, reflective clothing, etc.; Warning Triangle, body reflective logo, super grade, high-strength grade, engineering grade, advertising grade, motor vehicle license plate with reflective film class in the field of traffic safety. The company is located in Wuyi County, wild rice road two industrial base, high-speed exit from Jinliwen 5 km 330 national highway, near the Chinese Science and Technology Hardware City, the transportation is very convenient.

            The company enjoys the right to import and export products are exported around the world. Plant covers an area of over 38,000 square meters, the introduction of foreign advanced testing equipment, with the most advanced automated production lines reflective material, reflective cloth annual production capacity of ten million square meters or more.

             Company into a comprehensive ISO9001-2000 quality management system, products have been certified by U.S. and European certification authority, achieved CE certification, EN20471 certificate, UK E-Mark certification, the state compulsory ccc certification, product by the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Public Security, the Home under the authority of the Ministry recognized testing organizations.

             We uphold the quality first, reputation first, the pursuit of excellence, technological innovation and business philosophy to quality as a fundamental, market-oriented, service as the core, innovative branded products; fighting spirit of solidarity, to be tolerant to diversity, thousands of miles Zhicheng mind, with excellent quality and perfect service, to build the world's premium brand-HCSP.


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